Spit out the Bone

It goes without saying that the art of Metallica and 80's skate culture brought me into this world. I was thrilled to be asked to do a poster for the run of shows on their new tour. 

It's a tumultuous time in our nation right now and throughout their storytelling, Metallica has often written about the divide in power in the world.

This is an 18x24 5-color signed screen print. The posters at the show were digital prints and my artist copies are the only screen printed ones. 

I've done so many digital illustrations this year, that once I came up with the rough comp, I wanted to roll my sleeves up and ink with a brush. It's been several years since I did that and wanted the mistakes my hand would make instead of just undoing everything when I drew it digitally. 

2.5 hours into this drawing process, I dropped my wet brush and it rolled unto the illustration. 

Instead of starting over, I just kept rolling with it and decided to clean it up in photoshop. 

The original ink has sold. I have the pencil sketch available. Reach out if interested.