Album art is one of the things that drew me into this career in the first place. Being introduced to new music when I was younger and pouring through lp's, seven inches, cds and tapes was a magical experience.


The acacia strain

The first time we started working on a project together, Vincent (singer) told me about his plans lyrically for the Wormwood album. I responded with, "I've got a dead bird in my freezer and some dental equipment I've been wanting to photograph. Let's see how that turns out."

We've since stuck with a heavy bird theme.


paradise lost

In 2010, When Paradise Lost was ramping up for their big celebration of this release, they hit me up to reinterpret the original album art for this album.

The idea was to draw a version of the album art from a single.

Instead of just drawing something that had already been around for some time, I needed to make it feel like it was from me. So, I went out and bought some flowers and made some arrangements with things I had around the house for reference and then got to work!