The Acacia Strain:

The first time we started working on a project together, Vincent (singer) told me about his plans lyrically for the Wormwood album. I responded with, "I've got a dead bird in my freezer and some dental equipment I've been wanting to photograph. Let's see how that turns out."

We've since stuck with a heavy bird theme.


all dead

All Dead was a vicious 3-piece band in Louisville, KY. 

I don't get the chance to do a lot of 7" artwork and this became an opportunity to put something back into the local music scene that opened my eyes up to the idea that someone local could make a really cool package.

We did the cover on a vellum paper as a gatefold open in the middle of the Polaroid on the back so you could dig into the package. each package came with a coroner's report, the hand-written style of song listing on the back and if i remember correctly, some of the preorders received actual Polaroids in them as well taken by members of the band.


Paradise Lost

In 2010, When Paradise Lost was ramping up for their big celebration of this release, they hit me up to reinterpret the original album art for this album.

The idea was to draw a version of the album art from a single.

Instead of just drawing something that had already been around for some time, I needed to make it feel like it was from me. So, I went out and bought some flowers and made some arrangements with things I had around the house for reference and then got to work!


knives out records

This was a very cool collaboration. Knives Out Records has a history of creating very collectible packaging with their releases. I gave them the illustrations and let them do their thing.


within the ruins:

This was a fun project. I was given a rough idea of an idea and then reinterpreted it to work with my style. 

It was weird to go back in time and design for a cassette j-card layout.


Bleeding through

As a fan of the band, it was a lot of fun to work on the design for this album and tour design from the stage aspect. We leaned in hard with propaganda. It's been great seeing the result of that monogram inked on so many fans.


black rainbows

I've done a few things with these guys. They're great to work with.


unit 731

Res Ipsa Loquitur was an album put out by a PA hardcore band. The illustration on the front of this ended up being transformed into another piece of art that has become one of my signature images.