I recorded an album

Now available.

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After years of being associated with the music industry on the visual side via album art, merchandise design and rock posters, I decided it was finally time to make my contribution to the aural side of things. Being involved on the outskirts of a few musical projects for the past few years led me to a place where I needed to do something on my own that provides a soundtrack to the nature-based illustration I am prone to sink a lot of time into.

Navernoe by Angryblue from Angryblue on Vimeo.

This album was made with synths, samples, field recordings of insects, letterpress machines, and sounds from my print shop. I sequenced loops and layers with big drums to walk through a story.

‘Navernoe’ is the first collection. I’m excited about diving into the next chapter.


released October 31, 2016

Justin Kamerer/Angryblue created Navernoe with: synths, guitar, sitar, banjo, melodica, programmed drums, synths, homeade noisemakers, loops, violin, programmed insects, tacos & eurorack.

Forecastle 2016!

I’m excited to be set up at Forecastle again in the American Poster Institute section with all of my printmaking buddies.

I’m also excited to have done a poster for the 3rd year in a row.

If you have ideas for a potential project and want to see my most recent work, pay attention to my store or instagram accounts in case I’ve let the site sit stagnant for a few months too long.

Site refreshing

I’m at that all-too-common impasse of needing to come back and treat my website like the living child it is and refresh/remove/add some recent projects that have happened while I’ve just been hustling, printing and creating over the past 2 years.

All of my most recent releases are usually reflected on my webstore and a lot of my active day-to-day updates are via my instagram!

Questions & Answers

Someone on Reddit asked me a few questions about the process of doing my Foo Fighters poster. I tried to respond without sounding like a dumbass:

How were you selected?

Like in most jobs, I just got an email from management and they asked if I was interested.

In highschool and middleschool, Nirvana via interviews introduced me to punk rock. They often mentioned searching for bands you’d never hear about – which led me to smaller touring bands, finding local bands, playing music myself in small bars, the rock poster world and eventually doing work with the Melvins. It’s been really great to see what Dave and his collection of talented friends (it was great seeing Pat Smear onstage the other night) has done for himself over the past 20 years. So when asked, it was a pretty easy answer.

Did they give you free reign to design what to you wanted? Did they approve them?

Usually with rock posters, one of the benefits is that we get to just do whatever the hell we want. This way, they function as tribute. It’s almost a way to create fan artwork without it needing to specifically match branding or promotional materials for an album or tour – which have more restrictions to match packaging, design styles, etc. Generally, they trust us not to just go off the rails and deliver something so off track it doesn’t belong.

But that’s usually why rock posters look a little cooler than merchandise designs. There’s more passion in it vs. having short deadlines for little pay. I did that type of work every day for 6-7 years. I learned a lot and now focus on my own brand for most of that type of stuff.

I did have to get a nod of approval, but it was first round. We didn’t need to go back and forth or anything.

Not looking for specifics but was it good money? Are they ok with you selling you own prints?

Payment for posters ranges in a lot of ways from project-to-project. Part of my payment were my prints to sell. When I do that type of job, I take a gamble on recouping my time into something profitable. If I only sell 5 prints and I put in a few days of drawing, designing and then making it print-ready for the screen-printing process … then it’s not great money. On the other hand, if they sell well, that’s usually significantly larger than the budget they would have to offer for what could turn out to be 20-40 hours of work.

The trick is trying to make something successful for everyone. For the band and for myself and most importantly, something that resonates with the audience so everyone is happy and hopefully wants one of these special collectible things we’ve made for the occasion.

How long was the entire process from selection to printing to delivery?

This varies from print to print. I am wrapping up something today that’s taken me a week and a half to get nailed down. Sometimes, it might take me a week just to do the drawing before I even get to the color and design phase.

For this one, I think I knocked out the main illustration in 2 days and then I think I spent another 2 getting the design nailed down and colors picked. I wanted them to compliment the other rabbit poster I did but have a little more action in it.

Then I spent a day making it print-ready. This means making it so for every single layer of color, if the paper is moved around just slightly, by the time the last keyline is put down, everything still looks good.

Usually, I do all of my prints. However, my workload has been nuts and printing the full 400 (band had 300 copies) 7-color prints would have taken 2 or 3 days out of my schedule as I generally print alone, so that means mixing the inks just right, moving each sheet of paper from stack to press, printing, moving it to a drying rack and then restacking. to start the process over for the next color.

I outsourced this job (to my friends at InHouse Stickers) so I could have those 2 or 3 days to work on another project while those were getting done. They ended up getting shipped to me about a week later.

One by One


This month has been insane – with little hope of it slowing down! This is good and bad, I suppose. One upside is that MissHappyPink and I went out to see the Foo Fighters in Nashville earlier this week. While we were in town, we hung out with our buddies at Print Mafia!

It was a killer show. One of my favorite points was backstage when Dave came in to do a meet-n-greet and just talked to an 8 year old girl asking her if she was a rocker and they just chatted for ten minutes before he declared, “I’VE GOT A ROCK SHOW TO PLAY” and then crutch-hobbled out of the room.

The geeky side of me was psyched to see two members of Nirvana onstage. It was one of the best big bombastic rock shows I’ve ever attended.

We’re getting more and more excited about coming out to DesignerCon and seeing friends/strangers and also … checking out Disneyland so I can put a little gloom back into the city of joy they’ve got out in Anaheim.

There is some grimy stuff coming up later this month from me!



It would be terrible if the Red Cross Bloodmobile got into an accident. No, wait. That would be good because if anyone needed it, the blood would be right there.
– Jack Handey Deep Thoughts


MissHappyPink and I went to Chicago to try doing C2E2 and see what new friends we could make or older ones we could hang out with.
In that adventure, we made friends with a few new people at Threadless and started talking about this new rad feature they’re offering up called their Artist Shops.

They did an interview/spotlight on me. Take a minute to check it out!

Also: Check out all the shirts you can now buy of my designs!


Artist Shops launches to everyone this Fall!

Are you an artist? Reserve your shop in advance & double your earnings!

Neurosis – Imgur



You can not kill what you did not create.

This was a really fun poster to work on. It features Maglager Miller! This started with a photo of her in a goat mask while holding her chicken (Virginia) on Instagram and I desperately wanted to draw it.

Then this opportunity to do a Slipknot poster popped up and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

7 Colors! (lots of metallic sparkle!)
Appx 12×29
printed by Inhouse Stickers (they do amazing work)
signed/numbered Artist Prints Limited to 100


I also am doing some sales for Black Friday including chances to acquire some original sketches and even one subscription to every print that comes from Angryblue in 2015!

Angryblue_subscription_site Angryblue_BlackFriday_site

I’ve got a few new releases. There are a few prints and a collaboration where MissHappyPink and I printed up some turntable slipmats!

We love excuses to make things together. We revisited this collaboration design and she suggested we print up some fun rockin’ slipmats!

Each package comes with some stickers, a thank you and some packaging love from us.

MissHappyPink has an exclusive Poison Pink design available in her shop!





Last week, I had the pleasure of helping out with a live episode of a podcast i very much enjoy called: Adventures In Design.

The next morning, the host came over to Crackhead Press and did a one on one AID AM interview with me that will air Tuesday morning wherever you find your podcasts. I am pretty picky about what I listen to, but have found a lot of great humor and advice in this show choked full of information and jackassery.