New Releases + Adventures In Design

I’ve got a few new releases. There are a few prints and a collaboration where MissHappyPink and I printed up some turntable slipmats!

We love excuses to make things together. We revisited this collaboration design and she suggested we print up some fun rockin’ slipmats!

Each package comes with some stickers, a thank you and some packaging love from us.

MissHappyPink has an exclusive Poison Pink design available in her shop!





Last week, I had the pleasure of helping out with a live episode of a podcast i very much enjoy called: Adventures In Design.

The next morning, the host came over to Crackhead Press and did a one on one AID AM interview with me that will air Tuesday morning wherever you find your podcasts. I am pretty picky about what I listen to, but have found a lot of great humor and advice in this show choked full of information and jackassery.